The Smittespor app gives restaurant, hotel, and other establishment managers a way to allow their patrons to voluntarily register their visit so they may be contacted in case a Covid-19 outbreak is linked to their stay. The data is stored on encrypted, GDPR compliant servers.

Many restaurants, bars, and hotels voiced interest in having a system where guests could register their presence so that they could be contacted and informed should another guest or staff member who was present at the same time be diagnosed with Covid-19. This could allow the affected individual to get tested and take health precautions extra seriously, knowing they may be infected.

Our solution involves a simple online system where each location has their own QR-code which sends a user to a registration form. This form contains the user’s location, gathered from the QR code itself, and the time of day. The user then logs their name, telephone number, and email address to be contacted should another person on the same list be diagnosed with the coronavirus. Each client location can have their logo, colour scheme, and a custom greeting presented as visitors arrive on the site.

Project Details

  • Tasks: QR-code based, GDPR compliant user registration
  • Website: