SelfBACK aims to increase quality of life for patients with chronic lower back pain by empowering them to self-manage their physical therapy with scientifically proven methods. The app was originally developed for and used in a randomised controlled trial (RCT).

In 2017, Trade eXpansion was chosen as app design and development partner for selfBACK, an EU Horizon 2020 project. Our primary focus areas were the user interface and experience design, with the development of the application for iPhone and Android scheduled for delivery in 2018.

We started with user research to get an idea of who the patient is and what their everyday struggles and pains are.

The end result was a deeper understanding of our users, which coupled with a detailed user journey map would lay the foundation for further development.

Based on the user journey map, we began work on ideas to accommodate our user’s needs, in addition the application’s basic intentions. Based on previous experience and research, we came up with a wide range of features that enhanced the product.

The next step was visualisation of all the research, so wireframes were built. As a low fidelity tool, it’s about getting the various objects and features in place and general layout functioning, rather than focusing on details such as fonts and colour schemes.

The first prototype was then developed with the goal of getting an indication for how the application would feel on a smart device.

Once the layout was agreed upon, we started working on the general design of the application. This is an iterative process where we test and collect feedback and then make changes based on that feedback.

Project Details