Process Optimization

The TX Service Report App provides your service technicians quick and easy access to all relevant customer info prior to a service task. The user interface and functionality of the Service Report App are designed with your technicians’ and engineers’ workflows in mind.

Layout and processes are defined in the CMS and your service technicians can start using the app quickly.

Our app helps ensure that no task is forgotten. Samples, reporting, checklists, orders, readings, etc., need to be checked off before the job is complete. In short, where you currently use paper or computer, you can replace them with a mobile device containing the TX Service Report App.

In the app, you will see the status of open cases immediately upon logging in, giving you a quick overview of whether there are cases that require special attention.

The TX Service Report App covers a wide range of task management, reporting, offer, and end reporting.

The solution is specifically aimed at companies in Facility Services who want to optimise their processes for mobile employees.

The TX Service Report App can be used by municipalities, regions, and private service companies within:

  • Home help
  • Cleaning
  • Quality and self-control
  • Inspection
  • Service and maintenance
  • Supervision and control
  • Security

Using the TX Service Report App, your organisation will save time, increase quality of service, and better document the work done for the customer.

Project Details

  • Tasks: Digitize a former manual reporting process