For decades, the preferred way to collect lead information at trade shows has been pen and paper. Start using digital mobile forms and say goodbye to paper, clipboards, illegible hand-writing, and stacks of business cards stapled to photocopied printouts.

Create new leads in seconds by scanning a business card, looking the person up in your contacts or on the web. The details are autofilled in the app simultaneously.

Easily create branded data or lead capture forms via the online Lead App Admin Panel. Use the Lead App, with or without a wifi connection, to collect the information you need. Get real time statistics and automate your follow-up.

From capturing leads at B2B trade shows and feedback at corporate conferences, to collecting consumer data in-store or as part of a live marketing event, the Lead App is a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

The Lead App replaces inefficient, manual processes for data capture with a powerful but easy-to-use solution that bridges the gap between physical interactions with customers and the organisation’s digital systems.

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