COPD app project

COPD patients are the largest group of chronic patients in the western world. COPD can not be cured, but with regular exercise, a patient can remain self reliant. With the COPD app, we help patients with COPD form social bonds and set goals for exercising, together.

The typical COPD patient is +55 years old, socially isolated, and physically inactive. Physical activity is among their biggest challenges, while exercise is extremely important in maintaining and possibly improving their lung capacity.

When COPD patients undergo a 12-week rehabilitation course at a Rehabilitation Center, a recurring problem is that patients rarely continue their training programs between their visits to the Rehabilitation Centre. For a long time, both professionals and patients have sought ways to stay motivated and follow their exercise regimes in their own homes.

The COPD App meets this need

The app contains training instructions and information about COPD. For motivation, the app combines GPS with game elements and social media to record data about the user’s daily training activities. For example, a user can create training teams where participants will be informed when others in the group are active. The user earns points when their GPS registers a walk, which they can use in built-in games or other activities. Game elements and social media can be combined in a variety of ways, so working with our users, we developed game mechanics that are meaningful and motivational to the target audience. In addition, data on training is recorded and can be used as part of doctor/patient dialogue.

Project Details

  • Client: Odense Universitets Hospital
  • Tasks: User Research, Concept Development, SoMe, Gamification, Rehabilitation