Jysk Display Event

Jysk Display invited their customers to an “all inclusive” event and asked them to “grab their suitcase”.

The theme for the day was:
How to get more out of your trade show and thus your investment.

Effective trade shows require a lot of preparation, which is similar to an effort that is far beyond just having a stand and meeting people there. This task requires an entire crew, each of whom plays an important role in a successful trade show.

About this and more, the “pilot” made visitors wiser during the all inclusive trip.

The “pilot” took everyone on an interesting journey where he talked about how to pack the suitcase optimally before a trade show, and how to follow up after the show.

No preparation was required on part of the guests to take part in this event, yet all received new knowledge, impressions, ideas, and notes for their own travel diaries.

When using the advice given, one will find that the next trade show will be a much better experience – especially for those who visit your booth.

After participate in this trip, everyone left the “airport” more ready than ever to make their future trade shows a success, and to get the most out of their investment.

We would be pleased to give you our best advice from this event. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll get the all inclusive package.

Project Details

  • Client: Customer event for Jysk Display
  • Tasks: Customer care, relationship,
    inspire, socialize
  • Website: https://jyskdisplay.dk/