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The Trade eXpansion team is passionate about app development for our clients

We are a diverse group of employees, each of whom is passionate about our field. Many of us have over 10 years of experience in digitalizing workflows and developing apps. But most importantly, we prioritize the human connections among the colleagues and our clients.

We engage with our customers on an equal footing, allowing us to see issues from their perspective. This enables us to communicate in a language that each individual customer can understand - we make (most of) the app language understandable for you.

Consequently, throughout the entire process, from delivery to implementation, we can collaborate effectively with the customer and deliver a solution that generates the most value for your company and your business goals.

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Our Amazing Team!

Trade eXpansion team

Yvonne Küttemann

CMO & Partner

Rasmus Faddersbøl

CTO & Partner

Christian Jensen

E-concept Developer Project Manager

Jeppe Schulz Rasmussen


Linus Kleberg

SoMe & Support Master

Mathias R. N. Hansen

Sales Manager

Patrick Olaf Hjetting Moors

Web Design and Content Creation

Sebastian Gildenpfenning


Tony Dieu


Trade eXpansion

Our Guiding Principles for Success

We are a hardworking, forward-thinking, curious, ambitious, and innovative

We value honest and direct communication and we keep our word

Every customer is important to us, and we always answer the same day!

What do our

customers say?

Get more time with LeadApp

Saves administrative time and costs. Our new EventTool solution is a completely digital lead registration and sales tool that provides our team with a consistent and professional approach to all events - big or small. Previously, our sales team spent a lot of time processing the collected leads every time we participated in an event - entering all the gathered contact forms and reconciling data in spreadsheets took many hours of work each year. Our EventTool is integrated with our CRM system, providing an automated, streamlined process to quickly get new leads from the exhibition floor directly into the CRM system - ready for immediate follow-up without spending hours on administration.

Finn Hansen

Technical Sales Support

A good decision to find a tool for digital lead registration and management.

After trying LeadApp at our latest trade show, we realized that the old-fashioned way of collecting business cards and filling out paper forms was simply not practical. Furthermore, our customers noticed that we use LeadApp, which has strengthened our image as a forward-thinking and innovative company. I highly recommend using LeadApp for your lead collection.

Morten V. Bech

Marketing Manager

Digital sales tool for lead collection.

Our new digital sales tool is a fully digital solution for lead collection, providing our sales team with a consistent and professional approach to all events - big or small. Previously, our sales team spent a lot of time manually processing the collected leads every time we participated in an event. Integration directly from our new digital solution to our CRM system provides an automated and streamlined process, getting warm leads from the event directly into our CRM system - ready for immediate follow-up.

Uffe V. Nielsen

Digital Marketing Manager

Optimization of lead registration.

We had Trade eXpansion help us review our sales process regarding lead registration. They suggested digitizing the entire lead registration flow - starting with registering leads digitally when we participate in trade shows. The entire process has been optimized and digitized, and the solution has played a significant role in saving time, improving lead quality, and enabling quick follow-ups. We highly recommend Trade eXpansion and their LeadApp - and especially having a general discussion about online sales/marketing strategy.

Torben Sørensen


Efficient lead collection with a digital solution.

LeadApp is a digital sales solution that is very easy to use, making it highly popular in our sales team. Our marketing team customizes the app setup for each event through an associated Admin Panel. This has made our lead collection much more precise, efficient, and targeted. Integration with our CRM system saves the sales team a lot of time. The solution has drastically improved the quality of leads from events, which means that our sales team and others in the organization now only have quality conversations with potential customers after an event.

Claus Hansen

Sales Director

Digital, simple, and intuitive.

Exactly what we needed! LeadApp is simple, very intuitive, and easy to use. It's really easy to customize LeadApp for each event through the associated Admin Panel. The desire to get rid of spreadsheets and manual management of the entire sales flow has been fully achieved with LeadApp.

Mikkel Teilgaard

Sales Manager

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