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SelfBACK helps people with back pain by suggesting exercises thathave proven effective to others with the same symptoms


SelfBACK aims to increase quality of life for patients with chronic lower back pain by empowering them to self-manage their physical therapy with scientifically proven methods. The app was originally developed for and used in a randomised controlled trial (RCT).

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COPD app project

COPD patients are the largest group of chronic patients in the western world. COPD can not be cured, but with regular exercise, a patient can remain self reliant. With the COPD app, we help patients with COPD form social bonds and set goals for exercising, together.

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The Lead App is a digital lead collection and management tool replacing pen and paper forms and easing data input into CRMs systems


For decades, the preferred way to collect lead information at trade shows has been pen and paper. Start using digital mobile forms and say goodbye to paper, clipboards, illegible hand-writing, and stacks of business cards stapled to photocopied printouts.

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