The Lead App

Our in-house lead and data collection app is designed to make your sellers’ lives  easier by simplifying data input and retrieval as much as possible.

The Show App

Our in-house document display app is designed to impress your potential customers with a branded user interface and centralised sales document management.

Custom App Development

We’ll help you find the right solution for your mobile needs. Commercial, business, sales, service, or medical, we have the experience you need to succeed.

Let us create the app that fits your needs

With your purpose and business targets in mind, we will identify the best technologies and tools to help you achieve your goals. From native iOS and Android development, to cross platform technologies like Xamarin and React Native, and through to back-end and analytics tools, we have the experience to build the right solution for you.

We are experts in data exchange and integration with web or existing business software. Let us know what you need, and we’ll help you to succeed!



We want to understand your business, your goals, and what “success” means in your industry.

These insights are important to shaping a set of business goals, and to preparing your social media and marketing automation pipeline, as well as customer support, online storefronts, and SEO optimisation.


Who doesn’t want innovation, disruption, and 10x transformation-focused business cases? But do you know what it takes?

Innovative app solutions are the outcome when our multi-disciplinary team brings together the best from business, technology, and user experience design to shape the solutions for tomorrow’s market place, today.

UX Design

We always put the end-user first. Our careful user research and design testing ensures that what we build will not only work, but also delight the user with simple and intuitive visual and interaction design.

This allows us to deliver business-focused, innovative, and aesthetically designed apps. We make sure your apps are successful.

SelfBACK helps people with back pain by suggesting exercises thathave proven effective to others with the same symptoms


SelfBACK aims to increase quality of life for patients with chronic lower back pain by empowering them to self-manage their physical therapy with scientifically proven methods. The app was originally developed for and used in a randomised controlled trial (RCT).

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COPD app project

COPD patients are the largest group of chronic patients in the western world. COPD can not be cured, but with regular exercise, a patient can remain self reliant. With the COPD app, we help patients with COPD form social bonds and set goals for exercising, together.

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The Lead App is a digital lead collection and management tool replacing pen and paper forms and easing data input into CRMs systems


For decades, the preferred way to collect lead information at trade shows has been pen and paper. Start using digital mobile forms and say goodbye to paper, clipboards, illegible hand-writing, and stacks of business cards stapled to photocopied printouts.

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