An experience people will remember

Being at an exhibition it’s important not to blend in with the rest, if you want to be remembered. To be able to stand out and create an experience that people remember, could be with the product you showcase or just the set up as a whole. Creating a theme that reflect your product helps enhance the experience that people have.

Let your stand showcase the opportunities of your product so people realise what they are able to achieve by using it. The experience that people have will also help advertise your product, simple cause of word of mouth. We at Trade eXpansion have worked with this for years, creating creative solutions that help enforce your brand and its values, in order to attract the right customers.

Interact with your visitiors

One of the most important things on exhibitions is the interactions with your visitors, be it just getting leads, but also digital interacts by show casing what you are able to offer them.

We offer many solutions within this field, so you are sure to get the right solution for your specific task.

    Our vision

    We want to help you create something that your potential clients and already existing clients have a great experience with, but also most important, an experience and result that you as a company can be proud of.

    Let us enlighten you when it comes to the potential that your exhibitions have. We love to find the different opportunities for your business exhibition. So let’s have a meeting and find out what we can do for your case.


    Windar Photonics at Husum Wind Fair

    At Windar Photonics they were very excited about participating in the Husum Wind Fair and they were looking forward to meeting up with their customers, stakeholders, and friends at their new developed booth – with own cinema.

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    Jysk Display Event

    Jysk Display had invited their customers to an “All Inclusive” event and asked them to “Grab their suitcase”.

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    Some of our solutions