In 2017 Trade eXpansion was chosen as app design and development partner for selfBACK (a EU Horizon 2020 project). SelfBACK has the aim to increase patients with lower back pains quality of life by to increase the quality of life for self management. Our task in SelfBACK is  designing and developing a smartphone application for both iOS and Android that can be used for a randomized controlled trial (RCT) in 2019.

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COPD app project

COPD patients are the single largest group of cronical patients in Denmark, and the rest of the western world. The condition COPD can not be cured, but with regular exercise, the patient can maintain the ability to be self reliant. With the COPD app, we help patients with COPD form social bonds, set goals for exercising together.

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Lead App


For many years, the preferred way to record lead information on trade shows has been pencil and paper. But now it is time to go digital! Replacing  paper forms with digital mobile forms in minutes, and say goodbye to paper forms, clipboards, illegible hand-writing and stacks of business cards.

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Process Optimization

TX Service Report App provides your service technicians with quick and easy access to all relevant customers prior to a service task. The User Interface and functionality of the Service Report App are set to workflows that match exactly to your service engineers.

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Windar Photonics at Husum Wind Fair

At Windar Photonics they were very excited about participating in the Husum Wind Fair and they were looking forward to meeting up with their customers, stakeholders, and friends at their new developed booth – with own cinema.

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Jysk Display Event

Jysk Display had invited their customers to an “All Inclusive” event and asked them to “Grab their suitcase”.

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