Let us create the app that fit your needs

When we understand your purpose and your business goals, we will identify the best technologies and tools to help you achieve your goal. Our tools range from native iOS and Android, to cross platform technologies, like Xamarin and React Native, and through to back-end and analytics tools.

Data exchange and integration with web or existing business software are part of our experience, and expertise. Just let us know what you need, and we will help you to succeed!


We want to understand your business, what your goals are, and what it takes to makes you successful in your industry?

We use these insights to shape a set of business goals, and to prepare your social media and marketing automation integration, as well as customer support and AppStore and SEO optimization.

On top of that, we help you set-up your analytics tool chain to make sure you can measure your KPI’s.


Who does not want Innovation, Disruption 10x business cases? But do you know what it takes?

Innovative app solutions are the outcome when our multi disciplinary teams bring together the best from business, technology and user experience design, to shape the solutions for tomorrows market place, today.

User Experience Design

We always start with putting the end-user first. Our careful user research, and design testing ensures that what we build will not only work, but also delight the users with simple and intuitive visual and interactions design

In this way, we deliver business focussed, technology lean, and well designed apps, and this is our contribution, to make your app projects are successful.




COPD app project

COPD patients are the single largest group of cronical patients in Denmark, and the rest of the western world. The condition COPD can not be cured, but with regular exercise, the patient can maintain the ability to be self reliant. With the COPD app, we help patients with COPD form social bonds, set goals for exercising together.

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Lead App


For many years, the preferred way to record lead information on trade shows has been pencil and paper. But now it is time to go digital! Replacing  paper forms with digital mobile forms in minutes, and say goodbye to paper forms, clipboards, illegible hand-writing and stacks of business cards.

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Process Optimization

TX Service Report App provides your service technicians with quick and easy access to all relevant customers prior to a service task. The User Interface and functionality of the Service Report App are set to workflows that match exactly to your service engineers.

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